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Some thoughts on Outlander…


So we’re two episodes into season 1 of Outlander, and, just as I expected, people have watched these first two episodes, loved it, and have decided (or are deciding) to read the books. A lot of people are questioning if the books are good (they are) which has led to a lot of negativity in the Outlander tag. And this negativity is…to put it frankly, a real piss of. Why? Because people are saying things about the books that aren’t true and are thus potentially turning people off of one of the most well written book series I’ve ever read. And that…well, this is what that does to me:

So I just wanted to clear some things up for the people who are considering reading Outlander and have heard some crazy shit about it. Hopefully, my arguments can help you ignore the lack of reading comprehension of some people who may not quite understand what historical fiction is.

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